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One Piece At A Time

2008-08-08 - 1:12 p.m.

Well, laser tag at work still continues to be wonky. Between an electrical surge and the earthquake, enough equipment has been damaged that the system is still temperamental even after two major pieces have been replaced.

More parts are on the way. But as of this morning, it seems to be functioning as it should.

We got this system nine years ago, and it has been dependable until now...and it took power problems and an earthquake to break it. The company has been really good about getting the replacement pieces to us in more than a timely manner.

Here's their website. I can't recommend them enough.


In Obama news, a "creative agency" in Los Angeles has created what they hope will be the Obama salute.

Open wide.


Oh, and prepare for Hillary: The Return.


Here's a fine argument for school choice from the British comedy Yes, Prime Minister.

I wonder if all politicians think as Humphrey does. Probably.

Especially in light of this news from London. Why teach how to do things correctly when you can simply allow the wrong answer to be right?


An article here about the execution of a Mexican national who has been tried and convicted of raping and sodomizing two teenage girls.

Evidently the International Court of Justice ordered the US courts to have the case reviewed and the execution canceled.


Oh, and something happened in China today.

"People are very concerned about the air quality in China. Earlier this week, a member of the International Olympic Committee said that the smog in Beijing isn't pollution, it's mist. Then he said, 'Just be sure not to get any mist inside your eyes or lungs.'"
-Conan O'Brien


Well, I intend (intend, mind you) to go to the recycle center and the PO today. Volume Seven of Girl Genius (link at left) was shipped Monday, and it should be there by now.

"The world can be saved by steam!!"

That's STEAM. Not MIST.

Be seeing you.


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