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2008-08-15 - 1:26 p.m.

So I went into work yesterday. And had a day.

Here's the deal. The main lasertag system consists of a computer that runs the game and an RF broadcaster that sends/receives all the commands out in the arena. If a player shoots something that scores points, the RF base collects the info and sends it to the computer. The computer then tells the base what to do (turn off the vest of a player that was shot, tell a stationary target to deactivate, etc.). The two are connected by a long cable.

With me so far? Good.

When the power surge hit (the one that screwed up the computer) we replaced the computer. Since we'll be upgrading to the newest program, we now have a loaner RF base (it must be upgraded first - similar to the upgrade we did on the gun boards before we went to the lithium-ion batteries). We got the whole system nine years ago, and our warranty lets us upgrade to the newest version/gear with very little down time.

Now, we have a new computer and a new RF base. We then got a new problem: at least once a day the two would lose communication, and that required rebooting the system and giving the players a new game. We checked the voltage at the computer and the RF base, and all was well. The only thing we could come up with was that the cable - the one that connects the two parts - had fried. It was also old technology (the newest cable uses a different wiring set-up), so replacing it seemed logical. The cable arrived on Wednesday. I made arrangements to come in yesterday to run the cable (it goes through the ceiling, through holes in the arches and such - you can't see them unless you move the ceiling tiles).

So. I get the ladder. I shift ceiling tiles to get to the holes. I connect the new cable to the old one, so I can pull on the old one and the new one will follow. Make sense? Okay.

I get the new cable through the same path that the old cable had. I get it to the computer. And this is what happens:

So I had to pull the new cable all the way back out and run it through NEW holes that I had to drill in the arches. I came out with all kinds of debris on me - drywall dust, acoustic stuff from the ceiling tiles, and more.

I was absolutely wiped out. I wanted to take a shower and then go get food. I instead took a shower and ordered Papa John's.

Today, my leg and arms are sore and my allergies are in full swing. I took some Sudafed (which cleared me up) and some Advil for my muscles.

I have a band gig tonight, after all.


So John McCain's daughter Meghan put out a children's book about her father. It covers McCain's military career, and his daughter gives some insight to her dad:

"I know he'll say what he really thinks. Maybe it won't be what people want to hear. But it will be the truth."

Obama also has a children's book out called "Barack Obama - Son of Promise, Child of Hope". Here's a quote:

"Even God himself talks to Barry while he's in church on Sunday, telling him: 'Look around you. Now look to me. There is hope enough here to last a lifetime.'"

That makes it official - God talks to Obama. Maybe the media was right after all.

And speaking of politics - it's BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!


I spent so much time in the dust and debris that I need to get out into the sunshine and get some vitamin D.

Be seeing you.


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