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2008-08-21 - 12:56 p.m.

Today we tape the second part of the Halloween episode of "Off The Wall".

Tomorrow I plan to take the car into the dealer for service.

Sleep? What's that?


Wow - I didn't know that the clothes the US athletes wore during the opening ceremonies "represented a classist and racist set of ideals"!

Probably because either:

  1. I don't read such things into clothing, or
  2. I'm a stupid racist white guy.

Speaking of the Olympics, I foresee a huge scandal up ahead.


The DNC is giving haircuts to the homeless and grooming them so they'll look nice for Obama and the convention.

Sounds like they took a page from Beijing.


A couple weeks ago, an ep of The Late Show With David Letterman was produced with the Top Ten Signs Barack Obama Is Overconfident. It was supposed to be re-run last night...without the Top Ten list.

A spokesman says it was cut for time. Here it is:

10. Proposed a bill to change Oklahoma to "Oklabama"

9. Offered Bush 20 bucks for the "Mission Accomplished" banner

8. Asked guy at Staples, "Which chair will work best in an oval-shaped office?"

7. The affair with Barbara Walters

6. Having head measured for Mount Rushmore

5. Guy sits around eating soup all day

4. He's voting for Nader

3. Offered McCain a job in gift shop at Obama presidential library

2. Announced his running mate will be Andy Dick

1. Been cruising for chicks with John Edwards


PETA wants to buy SeaWorld and free all the animals...animals who may have known only their trainers all their lives, who have been fed the proper diets, been taken care of when ill, etc.

This will end well. One of the seals will end up doing tricks on the beach and get fed ice cream instead of fish.


Who says soldiers don't know how to have fun?


Okay, I have things to do before the taping...including lunch at an old favorite restaurant.

Be seeing you.


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