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Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

2008-09-01 - 1:25 p.m.

Happy Labor Day 2008.

A day off to honor the working man.

Well, a day off for quite a few people. Some of us have to work today.


Speaking of work...

Got the official word - Sunday was the last day of the summer hours at work. We go back to the "winter" closing hours as of today.

Great. I can get my grocery shopping done now.

Most of the school districts in our area start on Thursday. So we'll probably have some business until Wednesday night.

Then the nine months of quiet begin.


Speaking of grocery shopping...

Yesterday I went to my local Albertsons to pick up some more cleaning items and a few snacks. Since I had the appropriate number, I got into the "15 items or less" line. In front of me were four Latina women - well, three women and a teenage girl - with a cart that looked like it had more than fifteen items.

Chattering in Spanish the whole time, the women proceeded to divide up the items so that there were two sets on the conveyor belt. One paid for one set and then handed the "Preferred Members Card" to the second woman, who then paid for the second grouping. While this was going on, the third woman got twenty-two packs of peanut M&Ms (on sale for 50c each with the PMC), and used the card again to get those.

So between the three women who did the purchasing, they got well over FORTY items.

I chatted with Brin about this last night. It could be argued, she told me, that a multiple purchase of the same item - like the M&Ms - could be counted as one item because it's only one line on the receipt. So technically the women could have had less than fifteen items if there were multiples.

Fine, but with the PMC each item has to be scanned individually so the discount can be applied (it scans at 79c and then shows "Preferred Member Discount: -0.29" or somesuch).

Somehow, what they did bothers me.


Saturday night, one of the clips for my CPAP mask broke. You may remember that one had broken almost nine months ago. Well this time the other one gave up the ghost.

Since I had bought extras, I had a replacement all ready to go. And I still have another as a backup.


Over here is a comparison between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

Yes, I know it's from a pro-Republican site. But if the information is true, does it matter?

And to give equal time to the Democrat blogs, a poster at DailyKos is saying that Palin's youngest child - who has Down's Syndrome - is actually NOT Palin's, but her sixteen-year-old DAUGHTER'S. Amanda Carpenter comments here on that accusation.

Again, it doesn't matter where it came from if the info is true. But if it isn't, DailyKos has a lot of explaining to do.


Don Fowler, former chairman of the DNC, says in this video that he believes that the arrival of Hurricane Gustav during the RNC convention "shows that God is on our side". Fowler later apologized if he offended anyone, but not for the actual remark.

I remember the uproar when James Dobson suggested that people pray that there's a torrential downpour during Obama's speech. If such a suggestion is so repugnant, why is a prominent Dem saying essentially the same thing?


Okay. Lunch, and then work. I have to re-record the "hours of operation" announcement today.

Enjoy your day off, if you get one.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

boxx9000 - 2008-09-01 20:41:22 -
Check this link


Bob - 2008-09-02 15:46:53 -
I think both sides should STFU about God and storms, because it perpetuates the idea that God is out there waiting for us to drop the ball, and then He'll pop out and smack us upside the head with hurricane for the fun of it. Yeah, right, that sells Christianity really well.


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