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You're Gonna Get It

2008-09-04 - 9:55 a.m.

Hooray and huzzah, the cleaning is done.

I just got it into my head that my being a slob needed to be dealt with. I make no promises that the place will STAY this clean, but I will try to make an effort to keep it clean...or at least cleaner than it was.


Came home last night with groceries. Put those away, fed Solange, and then retired to...well, the human litter box.

While I was seated, Solange came in, sat up, and put her paws on my knee so she could be petted. She then leaned over and sniffed at my sweaty brow (it was 70 degrees with 84% humidity)...and then licked my forehead.

After tasting the sweat, she hopped down and proceeded to go back into the kitchen and the water she just had to get the taste out of her mouth.


There are some Democrats who think Sarah Palin should stay home and take care of her children. Aren't these the same folks who fought for women's equality, and for the breaking of the "glass ceiling"?

The Democrats and the media have been all over Sarah Palin. Jack McCaffery on CNN put an email on the air that said you "usually see people like Sarah Palin on Jerry Springer". Another columnist said that all it would take to get rid of Palin would be one nude photograph.

You gotta wonder - what is it about Palin that scares these people so much?


Speaking of the Democrats, it looks like they plan to punish Joe Lieberman for criticizing Barack Obama:

While emphasizing that no decision is imminent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) spokesman Jim Manley said "it's likely" that Democrats will caucus after the November elections to decide Liebermanís fate.

"He has every right to make a partisan speech at the Republican National Convention if that's what he wants to do," Manley said. "Having said that, that doesn't give him the right to question Obama's role and record in the Senate in the speech."

Remember, Lieberman was the VP candidate in 2000. Now, he's Independent.

Maybe the Democrats see this as a chance to punish him for jumping ship.


Last time I checked, this is 2008, right?

So why does bullshit like this keep happening?


Brin is on her way to Anaheim even as we speak.

Which means I need to get to the airport.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2008-09-05 01:28:32 -
It's simple - Sarah Palin is Not One Of Us. For my part, I'm just not impressed - she really isn't bringing anything to the GOP ticket other than a weak attempt to court women voters. And if the book banning story is true, well, she's not on my list.


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