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Breakfast At Tiffany's

2008-09-16 - 12:53 p.m.

Early morning today here at Chez Too Old.

One of the things Brin loves about Disneyland is the breakfast that's served at the River Belle Terrace. They have a very nice eggs/pork meat/potatoes/biscuit meal that's actually very reasonably priced. Problem is, they stop serving it at noon and we just don't have the energy to get up early enough to get dressed and get there.

Well, we both woke up at about 8:30 and decided to go for it. And not only did we get there by 10:15, we got to share some of our brekkie with the sparrows. If you've ever eaten outdoors at Disneyland, you've seen them - the ones who jump onto the table and almost mug you for your crumbs. Well, one got brave enough to take a piece of biscuit from my hand. We tried to take pictures, but every time the cameras came out, they'd take off. Talk about camera-shy.

After that we took a side trip to Fry's so I could get a new computer desk, and then to Target for some more cat food. We also got to see their Halloween mascot for this year - Domo Kun. (Yeah, we couldn't believe it either.)

Now we are back least, until I go to work.


Writer Jeff Jacoby writes here about Barack Obama's economic plan - the one Obama calls "neighborly".


Speaking of Obama...

His campaign released an ad saying John McCain is out of touch with America because McCain can't use a computer.

Turns out there's a good reason why.


Oh, and that carbon off-set program that was offered to DNC attendees (not the one that was offered to the delegates, but the one for everyone else)?



Okay, work comes too soon.


Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Bindyree aka Brin - 2008-09-17 01:40:28 -
Gee, that's funny; how does Stephen Hawking use one?


Bob - 2008-09-17 09:55:13 -
Other reports have McCain cast as a serious Blackberry addict ...


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