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2008-09-22 - 12:03 p.m.

Pretty quiet weekend here at Chez Too Old.

Went to the game night on Saturday. I only got to stay for a couple hours, but I was able to play Ticket To Ride (and win!). But it was also good to spend time with friends, even if only for a couple hours.

Sunday I got to watch the last game at Yankee Stadium. It was interesting to watch all the history and listen to the interviews with old-time players (Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford were in the broadcast booth for a couple innings).

On opening day in 1923 (I think), Babe Ruth said he hoped to be the first one to hit a home run in the then-new park. And he did. Afterwards he said, "I'm very happy to have hit the first home run in this stadium. God only knows who will hit the last."

It turned out to be former Angels catcher Jose Molina. Good for him.

Then I ignored most of the Emmys until Brin told me that Don Rickles was receiving one. I caught part of the acceptance speech and then turned the TV off and reveled in the quiet.


As I was getting ready for bed last night, my next-door neighbor told me the Maintenance Guy was coming over to fix a problem in his bathroom. This is the same problem that causes an occasional leak in my garage, and MG wanted to look at that, too. MG would be here at about 10am.

So I got up at 9:30. As of right now, MG hasn't shown.

Oh well. I'll sleep sometime tomorrow, I guess.


Well, there's been all kinds of rumors floating around this weekend about Joe Biden stepping down as Barack Obama's VP candidate and being replaced by Hillary (I made mention of that a couple days ago.

Here's the debunking. I think it would be political suicide for Obama.

I put forth a scenario to a fellow conservative at the game group meeting: would Hillary be desperate enough, once she's his VP, to engineer an assassination attempt? Does her ambition run that deep?

He admitted it was something he hadn't considered...but now, he would. Hmmm.


Barack Obama stated that "we have not managed our federal budget with any kind of discipline." Absolutely right.

Then why does he want to give $50 billion to a UN anti-poverty program?

After all, we all know that the UN is a model of honesty and integrity.

And yes, the "sarcasm" flag was on.


Here's an article about how Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid "blew it".

Can't say I disagree with any of it - especially the statement that the Democratic leadership "took the golden opportunity it was given in 2006 and pissed it away on petty partisanship -- just like the Republicans who preceded them did."


I'm gonna grab some lunch and then go to work.

Be seeing you.


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