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2008-09-30 - 12:20 p.m.

Yesterday, when I went to get the paper, I got a nasty surprise - there was a wasp nest the size of my fist under one of the eaves that hang over my porch.

So on the way home, I picked up some spray. But then it occurred to me - there are feral cats that hang out on my landing. How can I protect them from the poison?

The last time I had to kill a wasp nest, it was in my backyard while I was married. It was easy to keep the dog inside and in his run for awhile. But the landing is frequented by at least three ferals - the ones I've named Socks (all grey with white feet), Tiger (striped tabby), and Dirty White Boy. I leave water out for them. I don't want them to get sick, or worse.

Brin, like me, knows quite a bit about a lot of things - usually the things I don't know about. So on Brin's instruction, I poured a little urine on the boundaries of the landing and on the stairs that lead to my door. NO, I didn't drop my pants outside - I peed into a glass and poured it. (YES, I washed the glass afterward. SHEESE already.)

The wasps (or yellowjackets, whatever) were all over the nest and very dormant. I sprayed and soaked the nest and the bugs. They fell to the landing, quite dead.

Now, I know how Solange is about spiders. If she finds it, she eats it. So I swept up the little corpses and washed the poison off the landing with a LOT of water. Then I washed the dustpan and hoped for the best.

This morning, the nest is quite dead. The instructions on the can said to wait 24 hours before taking down the nest, so I'll do that tonight when I put out the trash.


As of right now, the Dow got back 370 points of yesterday's loss.


Somebody needs to show this video to Nancy Pelosi.

Even Bill Clinton places the blame on the Democrats in Congress.


Over here is a very nicely-drawn pic of Edda and Seth, characters from 9 Chickweed Lane (link at left, as usual).

Brooke is very good at drawing this kind of art, where the backgrounds mesh with the characters.


There's an item I won on eBay. I got an e-mail yesterday from the seller. It seems he mailed someone else's item to me, and MY item to that person. So I need to get to the PO and do a mail-back.

Then lunch and work.

Be seeing you.


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