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Piece By Piece

2008-10-03 - 1:53 p.m.

So my buddy came over last night and helped me move the box containing my new computer desk upstairs. He refused the offer of dinner and gas money - I had done him a favor, so he felt he had to pay it back, which I appreciated.

I started unpacking everything shortly after noon today. The instructions have a list of the parts, of course. All of the parts have teeny stickers on them that match the instruction list (Part 1, Part 22, Part 9 LEFT, etc.). There was a minor panic when a couple bags of screws were not in the hardware pack. Then I found that those screws were already screwed into their respective metal pieces. They weren't missing, they were already installed. Whew.

Now, it DOES look like a piece is missing. Or it may just be somewhere amidst all the excelsior. But it's for the CD-ROM holder, which screws onto one of the legs.

The desk can live without that one part. And so can I.


I didn't get the chance to watch the debate. Over on Hud's blog is this entry, which (in the comments) lists several positive reviews of Palin's performance against Joe Biden. However, this was probably the best moment. (Thanks to Brin for sending it to me.)

And we also have ridiculous stories like whether Palin's lip liner is tattooed on and whether or not she's really a woman.

Don't we have more important things to talk about - like all the earmarks attached to the bailout bill? Oh, and pay attention to Section 117.

McCain supports this bill and claims he's against earmarks? I think he's blown it - big time. This may well cost him the election. He had a good chance to say, "I'm not voting for this bloated piece of crap and I'll tell you why" - and he didn't.

UPDATE: President Bush signed it. And now the taxpayers will pay for it. So much for fiscal responsibility.


Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is looking for a Palin look-alike to make a porn film to express his views on Palin.

Fine. Then if someone else finds an Obama look-alike for a porn film that would embarrass him, the Left can't bitch. Fair's fair.


From Fark comes this report about an artist who took "cartoon violence" and turned it into REAL violence:

Artist James [Cauty], 51, said: "People have been saying since the 60's that cartoons should show the consequences of violence, or kids will get the wrong idea."

"It's very difficult to shock kids these days - you have cartoon characters being shot in the head and walking off cliffs, so we have decided to replace them with something more realistic."

"I'm a parent myself, and if I saw pictures like that I would think of something kids would really love, because it's no holds-barred violence."

"The idea actually came from my 15-year-old son, who suggested I do some artwork showing what cartoons are really like by showing their real consequences."

Gee, better not show them Laurel and Hardy...or the Stooges...or any other slapstick.

Because kids are stupid, right? They can't tell the difference between reality and slapstick comedy, right?


Okay. I have a desk to assemble...which means I have a computer to DISassemble.

Have a good weekend.

Be seeing you.


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