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2008-10-15 - 1:35 p.m.

The winds died down and the heat went up - it's back in the 90s. At least the firemen are getting a handle on the fires in LA county.

The winds blew a lot of dust into the apartment, so my allergies are in high dudgeon today. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow cleaning.


Looks like Fark will be my source today. Enjoy these gems:

A man commits felony hit-and-run...and then the stupid idiot takes his car to the dealer to fix the damage, where they find blood and tissue on the mud flap.

Free flu shots for the elderly is fairly common and lots of folks show up. What's interesting is WHERE. And there's the title link.

A Wal-Mart store sold an empty box to three men who thought they were buying a computer...but it turns out the buyers had used stolen credit cards for the purchase.

Teenage thieves purse-snatch an old lady, who outruns them...because she's a former cross-country championship runner who keeps herself in shape.

Something tells me this will not end well.


Okay. Things to do before work.

Be seeing you.


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requiel - 2008-10-15 22:45:58 -
Those People are idiots. Everyone has to pay taxes. I think they ate something weird because they are nuts now.


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