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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

2008-10-17 - 11:46 a.m.

Okay, shopping news. Remember, I go through this stuff so YOU don't have to.

I've been trying to get a dust cover for my printer. About the only one that seems to be the right size is this one. Fellowes is a good manufacturer - I've had no trouble with anything I've purchased that's got their brand name on it.

Fine and dandy, right? It would be...if I could find one. At the time of this writing, Office Depot doesn't carry it in the store. Staples doesn't list it on their site. Fry's doesn't carry any at all. is out of stock, except for one lone store that supposedly has ONE in stock. It's not even listed on the Fellowes website.

But here's the annoyance about Office Depot. I went to a brick-and-mortar location last week - they didn't have any. They suggest it's only available online. So I tried to order it online and I get a notice that it "can't be shipped to my location".

Huh? I didn't know Anaheim (home of Disneyland, remember) was that far off the beaten track.

So I called their CS line and got an actual human. She told me that the reason for that message is because the item was out of stock, and that's a "generic response line".

My reply is that there should be a message ON THE ITEM PAGE that SAYS it's out of stock. She agreed and said she'd notify the website department. I'm not holding my breath for any change.

There's also no page at that talks about shipping costs. When I asked, the CSR told me that shipping is shown when you check out.


Since I CAN'T check out, I ask about the shipping costs. She tells me it's free for orders over $50.


I prompt, "And if it's LESS than $50?"

"Then shipping is usually about $10, plus any possible fuel surcharges."

Again, check the link. I'd pay MORE for the shipping than for the item itself. So I'm taking a shot with the Amazon store.

Here's hoping.


In other printer news, Fry's has started carrying the ink tanks for this beast.

I already have a set of back-ups, but it's nice to know that I can get them locally if I need to.


I get to go into work AGAIN to install something so it will be working for the weekend.

Not a big deal, but wait till they get my bill.

Be seeing you.


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