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2008-10-22 - 1:35 p.m.


After several days of cooler weather, it's now 100 degrees here.

Maybe it's because I told Al Gore yesterday to STFU - he fiddled with the world's thermostat to get even.

I guess he showed me.


The printer dust cover arrived yesterday.

It fits just fine...except the opening is in the BACK, instead of the bottom. So I have to lift the printer and slide the cover over the front.

Not quite what I had in mind, but it will do the job. I don't do much printing anyway, so it's not TOO much of an inconvenience.


Let me see if I understand this correctly. The following terms, when used to describe Barack Obama, are racist:

"Skinny"; "community organizer"; a connection to the head of Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines; any reference to Jeremiah Wright; "eloquent"; "clean" (that one from Joe Biden, IIRC). There are doubtless many others I've neglected to mention.

Well, according to this article in the Kansas City Star, we have a new word to add to the list.


A councilman in Albany, NY wants to give the non-unionized city workers a raise. So the councilman "proposes giving non-unionized employees who make more than $55,000 a year take 10 days of mandatory unpaid time off [...] he would then use the savings to give raises to those who make under $40,000 a year."

He's going to take money away from those who make more so he can give it to those who make less.

Is that what Obama means by "spreading the wealth around"?


Barney Frank comes right out and says it.


This from Fark:

A group of teenagers don't like the slow service at a restaurant, so they bail on paying the bill.

Common, right? Well, one left her purse behind. With her ID in it. Along with some weed and Xanax.

And she's Miss Louisiana Teen USA.

Now THAT'S a Fark.


Well, I must go out into the heat.

Thankfully there's AC at work.

Be seeing you.


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