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2008-11-11 - 12:50 p.m.

To all my readers who are veterans: you have my deepest thanks and appreciation. God bless.


Found this on, which got it from The Volokh Conspiracy:

Memo to Political Commentators for the Next Four Years:
With a switch from Republican to Democratic control of the White House a few weeks away, I thought I would remind political commentators of the new ground rules.

1) Republicans Must Now Oppose Executive Power; Democrats Must Be In Favor Of It. In the last few years, Republicans have been the defenders of executive power: A muscular executive has been needed to fight the war on terror. On the other hand, Democrats have opposed a strong executive on the ground that it threatens the rule of law. Please note that these arguments must now switch. Republicans must now talk of the dangers of executive power; Democrats must now speak of how a strong and agile executive branch is necessary to a modern democracy.

2) Republicans Must Now Oppose Judicial Confirmations; Democrats Must Be In Favor. In the last few years, Republicans wanted an up-or-down vote on judicial nominees; one of their leading blogs on the judicial confirmations was On the other hand, Democrats focused on the importance of carefully evaluating judicial candidates. Please note that these arguments must now switch, too. Republicans should now visit (still an available domain name, btw -- won't be for long!), and Democrats should emphasize the need for a quick up or down vote.

3) Republicans Must Now Favor Legislative Oversight; Democrats Must Now Oppose It. You get the point by now. Yup, everyone has to switch sides on this one, too. If we all stick to the script, in 6 months the old arguments of the Bush era will be long forgotten. (Oh, and extra credit to those who charge the other side with hypocrisy for changing sides without noting that they have changed sides, too.)

Business as usual, in other words.


An Obama spokesperson let loose with a Freudian slip - she said Obama will be ready "take power and begin to rule day one".

Gee, I didn't know that presidents ruled. And he plans to be ready by the end of the month.

Some folks are surprised that the Bushes gave the Obamas a "friendly reception" at the White House this week. What did they expect - all the "O" keys missing from the computers, like when the Clintons removed all the "W" keys?


It's just a week after Obama was elected. And the Democrats are already planning who to oust.


Osama bin Laden is warning of a new attack that will "outdo [9/11] by far".

Is this the test Joe Biden was talking about?


Gas prices have dropped to below $2.50/gallon in my neighborhood.

Will George Bush get credit for the price drops, just as he got the blame when the price went up?

What do YOU think?


Time to get going.

Be seeing you.


4 comments so far

Brin aka Bindyree - 2008-11-11 20:58:15 -
Presidents aren't rulers, hon. They're deciders.


Dave - 2008-11-11 21:04:04 -
My point being, once again someone from the Obama campaign says something that is going to make him look bad...unless all the media posturing about him being The One has gone to his head.
Considering how close the popular vote turned out to be, Obama has a lot of people he's going to have to convince. Things like this aren't going to help.


Brin aka Bindyree - 2008-11-11 21:06:40 -
Well, we can either consider something a spokesperson said in error, or we can consider something a President said in all sincerity. I know which one holds more validity as far as I'm concerned.


Bob - 2008-11-12 19:05:46 -
The only reason I'm interested in what Osama bin Hidin' has to say is that maybe we can figure out where he is and shut his mouth more permanently, like. Otherwise, this isn't No Terrorist Left Behind, you don't get a test.


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