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Settle Down

2008-11-21 - 1:27 p.m.

So I made it to the game last night. I finally FINALLY gave in and learned to play Settlers of Catan. Amazingly, despite my ambivalence to the game, I won - through luck, really. I happened to have the right resources early, and that helped me build later on.

The game looked horribly difficult to me. Some games (even the European-style) you can look at a game in progress and at least get a general idea of what's happening (Ticket to Ride is a good example of this). Settlers made no sense to me, so I just couldn't get enthused about playing it. It was also one of those games that EVERYONE seemed to be playing - so maybe I also felt a little foolish not knowing how to play.

After that, there was a LONG game of Bang! (over two hours). The group finally broke up around 1:30am.

I'll most likely miss the next couple of meets. But this one was a blast.


Hillary Clinton has said yes.

Evidently, a lot of President-elect Obama's cabinet picks are former Team Clinton members.

This is change?


By the way, considering how badly she wants to be first thought was, "How will she engineer the assassinations of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and the President pro tempore of the Senate at the same time?"

Does that make me totally evil? This IS Hillary we're talking about.


Well, I have a few things to deal with before I go in for work. It's just for an hour or so.

Then, of course, the gig.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Bindyree aka Brin - 2008-11-21 21:32:51 -
Of *course* it's change. Like the old joke about the merchant marines being promised a change of underwear. "Bill, you change with Fred..."


Bob - 2008-11-24 15:12:33 -
I'm sort of surprised you hadn't played Settlers before. Glad you liked it - though the main complaint is that the resource cards get rather grimy/sticky from constant handling.


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