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Fox On The Run

2008-11-25 - 12:58 p.m.

I took a look at the weather page in my paper. We have rain coming - lots of it. The only day they say won't have rain is Thanksgiving...which is nice, except that much rain brings forth the possibility of mudslides in the burn areas.

While we could have used the rain last week (or even earlier, to wet down the fire fuel), mudslides on top of fires seems like adding insult to injury.

But...when the case is made to clear out the dead trees and shrubberies (Ni!), the environmentalists start up their lawsuit engines, and nothing gets done.


We have a new critter at work.

Late in the evening, I saw a couple guys in their 20s chasing each other on the golf course - running at top speed, leaping over obstacles, and so on. All we'd need is one to do a face plant into a concrete walkway, right?

So I go outside to catch them. From my right comes a fast-moving brown streak with a long fluffy tail and a pointed nose. It took off into one of the other courses and disappeared.

In addition to the rabbits, we now have a brown fox.

I don't know where he came from - we're pretty much in the midst of an industrialized area. My theory is this: during the wildfires last week, some critters probably took to the sewers to escape. This little guy followed the pipes all the way to the freeway (there's a drainage line just on the other side of our fence). So he's really lost.

I don't know if he'll find his way back or decide to stay. If he does, I hope the rabbits stay away from him.


When I left for work yesterday, I saw the extent of what was going on at the school.

There was a police copter, a cop car, a SWAT van (next door neighbor said they blew something up as a demonstration), and various public utility vehicles. They were taking a teacher up in a cherry-picker when I left.

Still...was honking the horn on the fire truck really necessary?


The Case Of The MySpace Mom has gone to the jury. The defense is saying it's not murder, it's a computer case...and they haven't broken any rules on MySpace because they didn't read the TOS agreement:

Steward insisted the only question is whether Drew violated the terms-of-service agreement of MySpace. He said that Drew, her daughter and assistant Ashley Grills never read the seven-page agreement.

"Nobody reads these things, nobody," he said. "How can you violate something when you haven't even read it? End of case. The case is over."

Ah, so if you sign a contract (or click I Agree) but don't read it, you don't have to follow it.

This must be the Mortgage Clause.


It looks like Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on "the rich" may be delayed because of the bad economy. This was one of the planks on his platform - he will wind up pissing off a LOT of voters, bad economy or not - and he was still pushing this as Wall Street was heading downward.

So he may not be able to keep a promise made during an election campaign...which lots of politicians do, right? So he's a politician.



Okay, time to get going.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bindyree aka Brin - 2008-11-25 21:09:58 -
It's not just the Mortgage Clause, it's also the Chewbacca Defense. Breach of contract is not what the case is about. Fraud using a computer service *is*. The FCC is a humorless bunch when people use its power lines and networks to deceive people. I hope the people who did this to the girl rot in jail forever and ever.


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