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Money, Money, Money

2008-12-04 - 12:27 p.m.

I've been going to bed earlier lately - like at 2am. Often I stay up a bit later.

Now, before anyone gets too amazed at the lateness of 2am, consider this - my usual work schedule is from 3-11pm. Now, if you subtract six hours and make it a 9am-5pm shift, then I'm going to bed at about 8pm and waking up around 4am. Not quite so unusual, if you look at it that way.

Of course, that also means that my occasional 8am-4pm shift equate to 2-10am. No wonder that, after one of those, I come home and sleep for a few hours.


And now, the news of the weird:

In England, three drug addicts who are doing time will be paid a total of L11,400 (a little less than $17,000) in compensation.

Why? It seems that a court has found that denying the prisoners their drugs while they are in prison is "a breach of their human rights".

All together now - HUH??


Also in England, a junior school has to postpone its Christmas performances so that Muslim children could celebrate Eid al-Adha.

The Christmas performances were originally going to be canceled altogether, but the parents protested. The Christmas pageants have been rescheduled - for January.

If the situation had been reversed - the Eid al-Adha celebrations were canceled in favor of Christmas, and then postponed for a month - imagine the uproar.


An Illinois representative has made a statement that whoever replaces Barack Obama must be black.

Again, imagine if there had been a call that the replacement must be white.


There's an article over on the Wall Street Journal about GM's restructuring plan - or at least, that's what GM calls it.

Did you know that UAW has a thing called the "Job Banks program"? This is where laid-off workers get paid 85% of their regular salary while they sit at home, idle. They get 100% of it if they report to a Jobs Bank site - which, I guess, is kind of like migrant workers showing up in front of a Home Depot. According to this article, the Job Banks program may continue even if GM gets its bailout money. So this is an expense that won't go away.

Kristin Dziczek, a senior project manager at the Center for Automotive Research, "argued that jobs banks were a 'very small part' of the cost of hiring workers and that Toyota has been known to voluntarily pay its workers when they are not working after plant shutdowns." Ah, note that - the key word is "voluntarily". At GM, that's not an option - it's in the UAW contract.

Oh, and Nancy Pelosi continues to say "bankruptcy is not an option". I think what she means is, it's not a political option.


Today, I'll be helping my brother with his computer. Before that, I have some errands to run.

So, onward.

Be seeing you.


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