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God Bless The Child

2008-12-19 - 11:56 a.m.

The cold continues. Last night it got down to the mid-40s again, so Brin and I decided to shelter at home, instead of going to the Park.

Roommate Jim came in and took a hot shower before he sacked out for the night. Other than that, Brin and I sat watching some silly YouTube vids and listening to some Cosby.

Then I showed her how to make Kraft mac-and-cheese in the microwave. Other than the fact I used tap water instead of filtered Brita water, she declared it to be very good. As a bachelor, I like it because I don't have to wash a whole bunch of pans and dishes.


Dinner with my brother went very well. John thankfully didn't tell any embarrassing when-Dave-was-a-kid stories.

If you need one more thing to show we were raised in the same household, it's this: Both of our plates were cleaned before Brin had eaten a third of her food. It's like that in our family - we are fast eaters.


Authorities in Orlando, FL have finally confirmed that the remains found near Caylee Anthony's grandparent's property are, in fact, Caylee. This ends a six-month search for the child. Of course, the remains COULD have been found much sooner.

Next step (I think): seeing if there are clues that show that the mother, Casey Anthony, dumped the body there.


Thomas Sowell talks here about the automotive bailout, and how it parallels another job crisis - the one the automobile created.


Larry Elder writes this article about Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the man who threw his shoes at President Bush, and - as I had mentioned a couple days ago - how this never would have been possible under Saddam.


Finally - FINALLY - justice has been served.

Can he now PLEASE be counter-sued for emotional distress?


Thanks to Brin for today's title suggestion. I had one, but it would have been in "dubious taste".


Okay. Lunch, some shopping, and then some Park time.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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