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2008-12-29 - 11:11 a.m.

It was mostly a pretty quiet weekend here at Chez Too Old. For the most part, I would either stay home or go to work.

Sunday, I went to Mama Cozza's with Bob to check out where we would be playing on New Year's Eve. After chatting with the owner (and Bob getting a pizza for his dinner) and getting the lay of the land, Bob and I went back to our cars...and saw two of our customers from Cero's, walking down the street with their kids. We all chatted for awhile, mostly about what's happening with Cero's and the remodeling plans.

After Don and Maria went back to their walk and Bob went home with his pizza, I decided I was hungry and went back into the restaurant. I had their combo plate, which had pasta, lasagna, and cheese ravioli - all covered in their house marinara sauce. It also came with soup and salad.

It's been a long time since I've had Italian food in an Italian restaurant. It was GOOD. I may eat there again before the band gig.

I've also learned that we will be starting on New Year's Eve at 8pm, and should be returning to Cero's in late February / early March.


Then after a brief stop at home to feed Solange and change clothes, I braved the cold and went to the Park to renew my annual pass. I did that while the fireworks were going off, which kinda seemed appropriate.

After that, I walked and did some window shopping. It was a bit depressing since I really couldn't afford much, so I walked and walked and looked and walked some more. After all, I had to work off that nice dinner.

Then I came home and watched some TV before collapsing.

So Sunday was good and busy. I'll be doing some more prep for the New Year's Eve party - I'll be stopping by to check out the band set-up and figuring out how our gear will mesh with theirs - but other than that, it'll just be business as usual.


Not much else is going on. Work calls, as per usual, but the end-of-year craziness isn't happening so far.

I do have some things to mail and errands to run.

Be seeing you.


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