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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

2009-01-09 - 11:40 a.m.

Got a couple rude surprises last night.

The first was an earthquake. It wasn't nearly as long or as violent as the one last year - only a second or two. Nothing fell over. The printer didn't move.

But it did wake up Solange from her evening nap...and she was in my lap, so my bladder got a good kick when she jumped off.

Then, when I was getting my CPAP mask ready for the night, I discovered that the face strap is starting to fray at the edges. It's not serious yet, but I called my supply place and found that I can purchase a replacement strap without having to get a whole new mask.

So I figure that, sometime in the next week or so, I'll make the trek to the CPAP supply place and get the new strap.

Oh, and I have asked - unless I spend more than 10% of my income on it, medical expenses like this aren't tax deductible. So it's not like my drums, where anything I buy - from sticks to drum heads to new gloves - is deductible.


In the You GOTTA Be Kidding Dept.:

The Australia branch of PeTA, in an effort to get people to stop eating fish, has started a campaign to change the name of "fish" to something less appetizing - "sea kittens":

[PETA]... wants to change the image of fish as slimy and slithery creatures by claiming they are similar to cuter, more popular animals. "Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks?" PETA asked on its website.

Has anyone noticed PeTA's logo? The "e" - which stands for "ethical" - is the only lower-case letter.



Speaking of animals...

A dogsled race in Minnesota had to be canceled. The reason? Too much snow.

Global warming, my frozen ass.


And speaking of being cold...

According to an article at (you may have to skip a "welcome" screen), there's a pilot program starting in Birmingham, AL - folks can sign up to allow the Alabama Power Company to cut off their air conditioners on the hottest weekdays of the summer so the customers can save money.

How much? According to the article, they'll get a credit of $20/year to their bill.


Another day of relaxing. I don't know if I'll go to the Park tonight or not. There's a wind advisory for the next couple days, and that will fuck with my allergies something awful if I go out into it. We'll see.

In the meantime, have a good weekend.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-01-09 19:53:04 -
If you go, take your chapstick and have a sudafed or two before you head out!


Bob - 2009-01-10 06:54:21 -
Just remember, a piranha is still a piranha, even if you call it a 'sea kitten'. And I also think we should call PeTA 'People Into Shameless Self-promotion Over Fur Fans,' or PISS OFF. Maybe that will change the public's attitude ...


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