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The Prisoner

2009-01-15 - 10:51 a.m.

Two days ago, I talked about Patrick McGoohan and The Prisoner.

Last night, I discovered that Mr. McGoohan had passed away.

Number Six is now a free man.


Ricardo Montalban has also passed, at age 88.

Fantasy Island, the first Naked Gun movie, Kim Possible (as the voice of Senor Senior, Sr.)...these are just a few of the roles he played over my lifetime. And, of course, this. It makes you want to scream.

Evidently Montalban fought hard to remove the stereotype of the "Latin lover" who will bed every woman available. Mark Evanier talks over here about the one time he wrote a sketch for Montalban, and how Montalban reacted to that very joke.


As is my wont, when an actor passes I go through my video collection and watch something that actor has done...even if it's just an episode of The Muppet Show.

In this case, it's every episode of The Prisoner.

But today is laundry day, so I'll have lots of time.

Be seeing you.


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