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2009-02-17 - 11:50 a.m.

So it rained yesterday - big time. I grabbed lunch at Taco Bell, and the drive-thru lane was FLOODED.

I get to work. The GM tells me that every time the rain stopped, they'd send the maintenance guys out to squeegee the golf courses...and every time, the rain would start again. So we weren't going to be selling mini-golf at all.

So folks inundated lasertag, instead.

Also got the word from Walter that we had a "secret shopper" Saturday evening, and I "did very well".

I always try very hard to "do very well"...even when the person I'm helping ISN'T a secret shopper.


So the US Postmaster General, one John E. Potter, told Congress that the USPS came up short by $2.8 billion in 2008. People at the post office actually got laid off, stamp prices are going up again...and Potter's pay has gone up 40% since 2006. Oh, and he got a $135k bonus last year.

Well, gosh...I thought that, if you're taking government money, you were going to be limited in how much you could be paid - as in, no more than President Obama. This guy's salary is more than double that amount.

And now Congress is investigating. But since when does a government exec salary go down?

After in heaven's name can you live on $800k/yr?


This article talks about how Barack Obama broke seven campaign promises...all with the same bill. And all within a month of being elected.

If all of this is is this "change"?


Michael Phelps won't face drug charges after all.

Hopefully he's learned that, when he's out and about, he's "on stage" - and anything he says or does will be noted and possibly held against him. Heck, if I'm wearing my work shirt for any reason - like, if I'm having lunch before my shift starts, of I do some after-work shopping, or whatever - I know that I'm representing my company. When I have that shirt on, what I do and say shows what kind of people work there even if I'm not at work

Price of fame, man.


It's not raining right now, but it's supposed to.

Time to get going.

Be seeing you.


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artgnome - 2009-02-17 21:24:36 -
I'm a cynic and pretty much expected the great change to not be change at all. I still believe that it's a strong possibility that our presidents are just a figurehead for the five top corporations that are actually running this country.


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