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2009-02-19 - 9:08 a.m.

Last night we had one of those nights.

There are two 120v power feeds that come into our building. At about 830pm, one of those feeds blew a fuse somewhere in one of the electrical poles down the block. So we lost some of our power.

The weird thing was, there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to the power outage. We lost power completely to one-third of the building. In another portion, the lights were on but some of the video games were out. In yet another area, the lights were out but the games were on. In one row, one game would be working, but the next four (on a separate breaker) were out, and the two breakers for those games were on the same electrical panel, right next to each other. Two of the three breakers that service our parking lot lost power...and so on, and so on.

I called Walter, and he came in to lend a hand. While we were trying to figure out what was going on, smoke came out from a couple of the AC vents. We closed up and evacuated the building. The fire department came and checked our AC units on the roof, but nothing was on fire. We figured one of the compressors had overloaded and burned out.

While all this was going on, we got in touch with the power company. They checked everything out, found the problem, and got it fixed. Power was restored at around 10:15pm. I locked up the building and did the usual closing routine. I then decided I wanted ravioli for dinner, so I picked some up and then went home.

In all my years there, that's the first time we've ever evacuated the building. We've had power outages, but those are rare.

I just now got off the phone with the GM. I gave him the run-down, and he thanked me for doing a good job of taking care of things.

It's all part of the job.


From comes this slideshow that will help put the stimulus bill into perspective - it's a list of random things that $787 billion can buy.


From Mark Evanier's blog: has this article where they name "America's Most Popular Stand-Up Comedian"...and it's someone I've seen live, on stage.

My ex-wife, former roommate Charlie, and I got a ringside table to one of his shows...and he made fun of Charlie. We all loved it, and still razz Charlie about it on occasion.

Yo, Charlie - they give you a gun yet? BWAH hah hah hah...


Brin gave me the word last night that Gerry Rafferty is alive and well and living in Italy, where he's writing some new music.

I feel like listening to City To City again.


Well, I'm up very early. Well, early for me, anyway.

I think I'll shower, get dressed, and go to the River Belle for breakfast.

Be seeing you.


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