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Mercury Blues

2009-03-05 - 8:28 a.m.

Woke up very early this morning to an icy-cold bedroom. My portable heater (aka Solange T. Cat) was not in her usual place - on top of my chest.

I looked around and found her on top of the window fan:

Don't worry - the fan is held firmly in place by several pieces of Velcro. It won't fall.


From the Title Link Dept.:

A few months ago, Jeremy Piven quit the play Speed-The-Plow. His excuse was medical: he claimed (and had a doctor buddy back him up) that he had contracted mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi. This very serious condition didn't stop his girlfriend from meeting him and spending the night at his place on the first night he called in sick. (Later in the same article, his girlfriend is "getting a tan" for a "red carpet debut", so Piven must have a helluva immune system.)

ABC spoke with someone at the University of Maryland Medical Center, who said "typical" treatment of mercury poisoning "lasts several months". Piven, however, was well enough to be interviewed for Good Morning America and attend some Golden Globes parties in early January - weeks after quitting the play.

Last week Piven was seen in Miami doing - guess what? :

The Entourage star, who pulled out of the Broadway show Speed-the-Plow in December after his doctor said he was suffering from mercury poisoning due to eating too much sushi, dined on calamari salad and tuna tartare surrounded by a cadre of women, including Michael Phelps' ex, Marina Katz, at the Mondrian Hotel's Sunset Lounge on Feb. 28.

Anybody want to borrow my hip boots?

Now, Bill Cosby once said that a rational human being, when they do something that hurts them doesn't do that thing anymore. "If you eat shrimp and your face blows up, you don't eat that shrimp anymore."

I mean, wouldn't that be...oh, I dunno...logical??


Speaking of Hollywood bullshit...

Ben Shapiro talks here about Hollywood's hypocrisy towards taxes.

I've talked about this before. President Obama's plan to raise taxes on individuals who make more than $200k/yr (and couples making more than $250k/yr) would certainly affect the Hollywood folk. But now states are offering tax breaks to the film companies to get those Hollywood dollars.

Gee - you mean a tax break to a corporation? To keep them from taking their money outside the country and filming in, say, Vancouver?

Note this quote from George Lucas:

" [...] obviously the cornerstone of American capitalism is that you can make as much money as you want when you work for a company."

Of course. That's the American way. Unless you're a member of the "rich" (and Lucas DOES fall into the category of "rich") and don't pay your "fair share".


Brin, who is a devotee of Cake Wrecks, should be seeing this one there soon, if it's not already there.


Okay. Tax guy tomorrow, shit-to-dos today.

Be seeing you.


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