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2009-03-19 - 11:36 a.m.

I was ready for a fairly quiet day yesterday, work-wise. Not much to deal with, no projects. Just the usual drone.

I was wrong.

My boss and I were having a chat with Gary (mentioned here). Gary asked about any new games we might be getting soon, and was informed that we did have something new arriving next week - a big machine that was a roller coaster sim.

Not thirty minutes later, this machine - named Typhoon - arrived. In pieces.

After laughing, my GM told me where he wanted it. I moved a couple games to make room and started putting it together. It was then I noticed that there was no manual. Fortunately, it was fairly easy to figure out.

Then, just before he left, the GM changed his mind. He wanted the new sim to be placed where the Dance Dance Revolution machine was, and the DDR to go where the sim WAS going to be. (Got all that? Good.) This meant that I had to take apart the DDR machine and move it to a neutral corner so I could set up Typhoon in the (former) DDR spot.

With a lot of assistance from another employee, we got everything done in about 90 minutes. Then we sat and went through Typhoon. It's very cool - you have a choice of six different coasters and the movement feels very realistic. There are also two big fans that blow as you move, which adds to the realism.

So it turned out to be a "project" kind of day, after all.


So the president is upset at AIG for using some of their "stimulus" money to pay contract-related retention bonuses. Well, according to this article at, there's a clause in the stimulus bill that needs to be looked at:

(iii) The prohibition required under clause (i) shall not be construed to prohibit any bonus payment required to be paid pursuant to a written employment contract executed on or before February 11, 2009, as such valid employment contracts are determined by the Secretary or the designee of the Secretary.

If that is in the bill - the one that President Obama signed into law - then they have no right to bitch...especially when two other mortgage houses are doing exactly the same thing.

What? They didn't know that clause was there? You mean they signed it into law without reading it?


President Obama has also decided not to force veterans to use private insurance to pay for treatment of combat-related wounds.

Good decision.


This article came with the following headline over at

Josef Fritzl sentenced to spend the rest of his life incarcerated against his will in small artificially-lit room, and live in constant fear of being raped

Fark tag: IRONIC.


Day off today...but that doesn't mean I don't have plans.

Be seeing you.


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