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We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again

2009-03-27 - 8:46 a.m.

Haven't been sleeping well the last couple of days...or maybe I'm just not sleeping long enough.

I'll try to catch a nap sometime today. I'll be all right, gang.


Cleaned the kitchen yesterday. The room smelled like 409.

Today (after my nap) I'll do some work on the living room.


Singer Dan Seals has passed away at age 61. He was the "England Dan" part of England Dan and John Ford Coley. You probably know their two biggest hits, "Nights Are Forever (Without You)", "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", and today's title. He'd been battling cancer for the last couple years.


Entertainment Weekly has a photo gallery of the 20 All-Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture.

What, no MacGyver?


Check this out:

The House Financial Services Committee on Thursday adopted a milder alternative to a bill passed last week that would have taxed away 90 percent of employee bonuses from companies getting federal bailout money. The new legislation would let bailed-out companies pay bonuses as long as the government determines the compensation is not "unreasonable or excessive."

The entire article is here.

Oh yeah...because it's always a good idea for the government - we're talking Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Tim Geithner - to decide what's "fair" and what isn't.


Well, I'm up way too early and I have stuff to do.

Be seeing you.


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