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Again And Again And Again

2009-04-10 - 12:32 p.m.

Well, just from sheer exhaustion, Brin and I stayed in late, hence the late post.

As soon as I'm done here, we're heading to the Park.


It turns out that the man who was driving the van that killed Nick Adenhart had already had his license suspended for drunk driving...which didn't stop him from being drunk and driving the van that blew through the red light and hit the vehicle Adenhart was in.


I talked a few days ago about how the Supreme Court may ban certain movies as "political speech" and therefore subject to the McCain-Feingold rules.

The man who made "Hillary: The Movie" and went before the Supreme Court to defend his rights as a filmmaker writes here about what happened there...and the silence from Hollywood.

Like I said, if it happens here it can certainly happen again, with another administration and another that ISN'T made by a conservative.

Like, say, a Michael Moore film. Or Oliver Stone.


Okay, we're outta here. Have a nice weekend.

Be seeing you.


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