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Coming Home

2009-04-18 - 1:59 p.m.

A Saturday entry?



7:00am - Awake. Tried to sleep, and can't. Laila comes home today. I hope it all works out.

9:30 - After reading the paper, showering, shaving, etc., I'm on my way to do a couple things before going to the vet.

10:30 - In waiting room. Have seen the X-ray - the repair is nice and solid. She's eating well and the whole staff loves her. I get Laila's pain meds, care instructions and make an appointment for a follow-up visit on Friday (a change of the splint and another X-ray, plus possible changes). Since she isn't supposed to jump at all, they loan me an extra-large cage for Laila to stay in while I'm at work.

11:00 - Home. Opened cage, Laila comes out, makes herself at home by rubbing up against everything in sight, including Solange:

Solange isn't having any of it. There's a small argument. I put Laila back into the extra-large cage. Solange sticks a paw in. Laila bats at it. Not a good start.

11:05 - I open the cage to put in a litter dish. Laila gets out. I feed and water her. Solange sniffs at the cast, Laila growls and smacks at Solange.

For the next (almost) two hours, I watch them and take some pictures. There's some antagonism and territory issues, including food and water. I finally ignore them both. Laila flops down in the hall:

Solange goes up on a chair. And they proceed to ignore each other.

1:00pm - I come into the bedroom to download the pictures and write this. Laila starts licking her stitches. I put the funnel collar on. Laila is annoyed, but finally lays back down.

1:05 - Solange walks past Laila to come into the bedroom...and leans out to touch noses. Laila tolerates this - I hear no growling.


Right this second, both are flopped down and ignoring each other.

What was it Dumbledore said to Snape and Sirius?

"I will settle, in the short term, [...] for a lack of open hostility."

Yeah. Me too.


Here's a closeup of the cast at the top of the incision. Ouch.

This is what your donations go toward. We all thank you.


So while I'm at work, I'll put Laila back in the big cage with the litter box and some water and food.

Here's hoping we all survive.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

art - 2009-04-18 22:26:20 -
thats a mighty big cast she got there!! one thing ive noticed with cats, they will generally leave each other alone, if you the human aint paying any attention to them! touching noses is a good sign. they are getting to know each other, after awhile they will get used to each other.


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