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It's All I Can Do

2009-04-20 - 8:50 a.m.

Did everyone see my Saturday entry? Okay, good.

Well, the weekend news about Laila is good and not-so-good. And even the not-so-good is not bad.

On the advice of my vet, while I was away or asleep I had been keeping her in the cage at first, with a small-size litter pan. Laila can't be jumping on things, so she must be confined when I can't watch her. But I had to put one of those funnel collars on her so she wouldn't lick her stitches.

Well, she wasn't using the pan. So yesterday morning while I was at work, I put her in the bathroom with a bigger pan. I came home to find some solid deposits in the pan, but no urine balls.

A bit later, Laila came into the bathroom and started pawing the litter. Then she turned...and whizzed right over the edge, onto the side of the tub and onto the floor.

Now, this is also good news, kinda. Remember two things: 1) she's peed that way most of her life, and 2) her cast kinda makes it hard to squat down. But she does understand how to use the box, and she IS voiding herself.

So I cleaned up the puddles, brought out some fresh newspaper, and got out Solange's old litterbox. This was the one before we got the LitterMaid. It has higher sides, and Laila can get in and out of it.

This makes it a bit easier for me to put her in the bathroom while I'm at work or sleeping.


This morning, I found more deposits on the box...and urine residue on the floor and the newspapers. So she's still having trouble aiming.

This litterbox came with a cover. I'm thinking of putting that on it to help contain everything. We'll see.


But there's a bit of bad news that I can't do ANYTHING about.

There's another one of those "record heat wave" things happening. The temperature spiked up to 99 yesterday, and it's supposed to be up there again today.

And I MUST keep her in the bathroom while I'm at work.

All I can do is put the swamp cooler in there and a fan.

Oh, and worry while I'm at work.


But then, there was last night.

The three of us flopped in the living room, watching Kill Bill Vol.1 and trying to stay cool. Laila, for the most part, just rested and didn't try to lick her wounds. Solange did what she usually does - moved from place to place.

I wanted to give Laila as much time as possible outside the bathroom, so it was very tough for me to put her collar back on and lock her up.

I hate cooping her up in the bathroom. I hate putting that collar on so she won't lick her stitches.

But it's what's best for her. And, for now, that's all I can do.


Okay. Onward into the heat of the day.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-04-20 16:02:16 -
The swamp cooler is really good; Laila will have a comfy day in the bathroom if you have the cooler on in there, even on low. :)


Mel - 2009-04-21 01:00:43 -
Wow, reasons to be grateful - we haven't had but one heat wave - a sharav, which was only hot for a day or so. I'm glad to hear Laila is coming along okay.


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