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2009-04-24 - 7:12 p.m.

REALLY late post today. Trust me, it'll be worth it.


Took Laila to the vet. Came home and relaxed for awhile.

Got a call around 2:45 - Laila was ready to be picked up. I ran a couple errands, and then went to get her.

Had a chat with the vet. The basic, stripped-down news is this:


The newest x-ray shows that the pin in her leg hasn't moved so much as a millimeter - which means the break is healing perfectly. The vet says she should recover almost completely.

The twice-a-day urination and extremely smelly bowel movements - normal. The stench is due to the meds, so that will go away soon enough.

The bloodwork is normal. Everything is where it should be.

Everything I've done, including the instinctive intuitives - just right.

Everything is going exactly as it should be, right down to missing the litter box being an absolutely normal reaction.

This has taken more stress off me than I can tell you.


Now, the immediate future:

Laila is supposed to go back in next Wednesday to get the cast off and the stitches removed. Small problem - I'd wind up picking her up and just leaving her here at the apartment, and her movement is supposed to be restricted for a couple days. I suggested Thursday but Dr. Sahai, the vet, has that day off.

Dr. Sahai, God love him, offered to board Laila over Wednesday and Thursday - and Friday, if necessary - at no charge.

He also suggested giving Laila a set of immunization shots, and offered to do it at shot-clinic day prices, no matter what day they are done. This is anything from a 50-75% discount, based on the shot. I agreed - even if I don't keep her, I have to do what is right by her.


We also discussed letting her roam free around the apartment while I'm at work. As long as I block off my room (which has more hiding places than I care to think about), it should be fine.

So I took the extra litter box out of the bathroom, along with the food and water bowls. Laila can use the common ones in the living room.


I went to upload this around 6:15pm and my internet connection was down.

As you can now tell, it's back up.

That also contributed to the delay of today's post. Sorry, but I wanted to have news before I posted.


Okay, the Angels-Mariners game has started. Back into the living room with the girls.

There may be a post this weekend if there's news.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Art - 2009-04-25 10:42:34 -
You really really really need to keep her,after all this!!!!


Heather - 2009-04-25 20:08:00 -
I'd have to agree with Art on this one. :) Lots of bonding and love going on to have Laila be healing this well this quickly!


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