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2009-04-30 - 10:38 a.m.

The vet forgot to call me. So I called him.

Here's the news: Laila's splint is off and her stitches are out. She has a soft bandage on for now, and she's going to stay there until Friday evening. A new x-ray shows that everything is just fine.

So I will pick her up tomorrow afternoon and get new care instructions. At least I don't have to give her medicine anymore. Ever try to give a cat medicine from an eyedropper while she's wearing one of those lampshade collars?

Don't do it, unless you must. Trust me on this.


So last night I got to sleep in my bed again...

...until the alarm went off at 6:45. Remember, I had to take the car into the dealer for this recall repair. And as you all know, when it comes to the dealer early is best.

I got there and got the word - the recall repair consisted of replacing one seal and putting covers onto the spark plug wires. It wasn't a big invasive thing where the engine had to be taken apart.

I also had them do an oil change. It all took a little more than an hour. I went and had breakfast and came back just as they were printing the paperwork.

No big deal. But I'm glad it's done.


From comes this item.

Ever read what's in those license agreements? Maybe you should:

fail owned pwned pictures

Insert your own joke here.


Okay. Day off today. Since I was up late last night and up early this morning, I think I'll head back to bed for a nap.

My mom is in town visiting her best friend, so Mom and I are planning to grab some dinner tonight. I really don't want to fall asleep on my plate.

Besides - I want to catch Hell's Kitchen tonight.

Be seeing you.


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Bob - 2009-04-30 22:52:59 -
The trick for reluctant cats and medicine is the 'kitty burrito' method - which may be kind of difficult with a leg sticking out in a cast - but you wrap the cat in a bath towel, and that keeps the other sharp pointy bits away from you.


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