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Write This Down

2009-05-12 - 9:24 a.m.

Yesterday I went down to Angels Stadium and picked up a ticket for Thursday's game. Since it's against the Red Sox, it's "tier two" pricing, so my usual section is a touch more expensive.

Then I went to work. The newest lasertag computer had arrived on Friday, but I didn't want to install it and have a problem over the weekend. So we waited till Monday so we could thrash out any problems.

This new system runs on Windows XP, which means there are also a bunch of new bells and whistles. It took an extra forty-five minutes on the phone with after-hours emergency tech support (which comes with the system at no extra charge to us) to get the printer to work, but it's installed and functioning properly.

I knew I'd need to write a manual so the employees could work this thing when I'm not there. I woke up early to a call (nature's) and then couldn't get back to sleep - I had ideas swirling in my brain on how to write this thing.

I'm sure that's happened to you folks. Inspiration hits in the middle of the night, and you have to get up and write it down.

So I got out of bed, booted up the computer, and sat down to write. An hour later, the first draft was done. I'll take that to work today and make any needed corrections tomorrow.


In Laila news, she SEEMS to have learned what the two-tier scratching post is for...which is a lesson Solange never quite picked up.

Laila likes to wrap herself around the central post and use her claws to pull herself around it.

Hey, if she enjoys herself, who am I to discourage it? Especially since it will save my furniture a bit.


President Obama wants to close some 5,000 failing schools and see them "reopen with new principals and teachers over the next five years".

Three questions, here. One, what are these schools going to do with these teachers and principals during the schools' closure? Will they get paid not to work, like vacation time? Transferred? Two, do you really think the unions will stand for this? And three...does the president even have that authority?

Oh yeah...and it'll all be on the taxpayer's dime. As much as $5 billion, according to the article.


If you wanna be a rapper - or are a rapper wannabe - you need something called "street cred", right? At least, that's what this idiot thought.

Somehow, I don't think shooting someone with a BB gun and getting away on a moped isn't gonna cut it.


Well, I only got about six hours of sleep. I'm going to try again.

Be seeing you.


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