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Baby Got Back

2009-05-14 - 9:05 a.m.

Tuesday night, the Angels lost a close one to the Red Sox. Last night, it was the Angels' turn to win.

Today is the tie-breaking game of this series...and I have a ticket.

It's an early afternoon game - 12:35pm, to be precise. I may stop off somewhere for breakfast before I go. Then, an afternoon nap before the finale of Hell's Kitchen.

Today is a good day to relax.


I've been expecting something in the mail for the last month or so. I finally got word that it's been shipped and on its way.

This is a relief, because I thought I'd missed the e-mail telling me that it had been shipped.

I'll let you know what it is when it gets here. Here's a small hint - I'm 95% sure most of you have one.

No, it's not a body part. Sheese.


No new Laila news, except I woke up with her on the bed again.

The romping and the hit-and-run grooming moments continue. Beyond that, it's status quo.


In the Get A Fucking Clue Dept.:

Octomom says she "doesn't need a tummy tuck" because she prefers to "do things as naturally as possible".

This, from the woman who had eight children from an in vitro procedure, rather than find a man.

Oh, and note this quote at the bottom of the article:

"What's going on now is I feel obligated -- almost compelled -- to earn a living to take care of my kids," she says.

Fourteen kids and she feels "obligated -- almost compelled -- to earn a living"??

Insert your own joke here.


Speaking of "inserting"...

NSFW, folks. You've been warned. Or "warred", in this case.

And there's your title link.


Brin's husband John is a liability expert.

He'd have a field day with this.


Okay, that's it for today. Have a nice day. I know I will...even if the Angels lose.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2009-05-15 12:11:48 -
You've heard about the new Octo-Slam at Denny's? Eight eggs, no sausage, and everyone else pays for it.


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