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2009-05-18 - 12:04 p.m.

Here it is, Monday morning. Everyone have a good weekend? Excellent.

My sunburns have healed nicely. There's still a weensy bit of stinging, but it fades after about a second or so.

Next up - the peeling.


The vet says Laila is healing just fine. She got the last of her inoculations, and is scheduled to go back for a check-up in another month.

She and Solange continue to play/chase/argue. In other words, the status quo.

But her fur is growing back - enough that you can see her stripes again.

If you would like to donate to her repair bill fund, please click on the button to your left. We say thankya.


Friday night was a game night, as was Sunday. Friday was a pirate-themed night with rum and "grog" being served. Sunday was the usual huge-bunch-of-people-attending.

There was something different about Sunday's meet-up, though. At about 8:35pm or so, an earthquake rolled through. This one wasn't nearly as rough as the last one - it was weaker (4.7 instead of 5.4) and further away (nearer Los Angeles than Anaheim).

When I got home, I did a house check. Thankfully, nothing had fallen and the cats were just fine.


The Angels got their butts kicked by the Texas Rangers, losing all three games of their series.

Saturday saw the return of John Lackey to the Angels' pitching rotation...for two pitches.

That's right - he threw two pitches, and was ejected by the umpire. The first pitch went behind Rangers batter Ian Kinsler. The second one hit Kinsler. The ump tossed Lackey. To be fair, there HAD been a 76-minute rain delay, so the ball was probably slippery. Lackey has much better control than that.

Tonight, Lackey will start against the Seattle Mariners. Yes, it's on one day's rest, but I doubt he's tired since he only threw two pitches.

Lackey's ERA right now is infinity. No, that's not a typo - one earned run, one batter faced, no outs.

Does that count as a record of some kind?


I'd like to share a couple columns from the Wall Street Journal.

This one talks about why raising state income taxes on the rich doesn't work too well - they move to a lower-tax state and that money goes away.

And then this article talks about California's "day of financial reckoning" - tomorrow's special election.

Sorry, but I think all these propositions need to fail.


A sixteen-year-old Tampa Bay student decided to wear a short dress and no underwear to school..on a day she KNEW that yearbook photos would be taken.

So imagine her surprise when a "Britney moment" photo gets published in the yearbook.

The family plans to hire a lawyer. There's no mention in the article of ANY responsibility being laid at the girl's feet.

Oh no - it's not HER fault that she CHOSE to dress that way.


Okay. A few things to do, and then work.

Tomorrow, I plan to vote and then go to HomeTown for lunch.

Be seeing you.


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