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We Don't Want It

2009-05-20 - 11:21 a.m.

Found another hairball on the carpet. Based on the fur color, I'm guessing it was Laila.

So the plan is to brush her every day, taking out at least a brushful of hair every time. Solange also sheds, so I'll be brushing her, too.

And nail trims. Oh, this will be fun.


Out of the slate of six propositions being voted on yesterday, only one passed - Prop. 1F, which prevents California lawmakers from voting raises for themselves when there's no balanced budget.

This is probably the least odious of all six. But there is now an incentive for them to raise taxes to balance the budget so they can get their raises.

Anyway, supposedly Ah-nold has "heard the voters' anger" and will work on budget cuts.

We've heard that before. We'll see.


In what is being called a "major rebuke to President Barack Obama", the Senate has voted to block the funds to close Guantanamo prison and move those housed there to the United States. And it wasn't a close, party-line vote - it was 90-6 against.

One of the reasons given was that many of the senators feel these prisoners are too dangerous to be in the US, even in maximum security prisons.

A Democrat-controlled Senate denying Obama? Whodathunkit?


There are only three grad nights this year, as opposed to the five we had last year.

I'll be working part of two of them, so my schedule is going to be screwed up a bit.

I'll still get my eight hours, so it's not so bad.


Onward into the day.

Be seeing you.


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