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2009-05-21 - 12:51 p.m.

Woke up at around 6am and couldn't go back to sleep.

I noodled around for a bit and then went back to bed. I finally woke for good just before noon.

Took a brushful of fur out of each cat, and then sat down to write.


Right this minute (12:27pm), two suspects are being arrested for carjacking. They stole a large truck and had been driving around for at least an hour with the sheriffs in pursuit.

They were taken without incident.

Considering police resources - helicopters and such - how do these dummies think they'll get away?


The TV has reverted to Maury.

A man is denying paternity, saying he "only makes chunky babies" (both are plus-sized) and the baby girl in question "makes weird faces". Turns out he IS the father, of course.

Good Lord.


Okay, it's official. There are no more original ideas in Hollywood.

How do we know this? Universal Pictures is working on a big-screen version of...BATTLESHIP.

What's next - a film adaptation of Bingo???


Bob Hamer, a retired "street agent" of the FBI and former Marine, writes an open letter to Nancy Pelosi, asking why she isn't following her oath of office.

Hamer makes some good points. Pelosi won't respond, of course.


The Wall Street Journal talks here about how hard it will be for President Obama's commitment to 39 MPG cars by 2016 to become reality.

One point that's made in the article is something I've talked about before - what happens if the technology simply doesn't happen? The government can mandate plasma-fueled vehicles by 2020, but if there's no such technology when that date rolls around...what then?


The wife of former Angels pitcher Scott Schoeneweis (now with the Diamondbacks) was found dead yesterday. Cause of death hasn't been determined.

The couple had recently celebrated their tenth anniversary.


Okay, day off. Laundry day.

Then later tonight I go to Bob Chance's house to help him in the studio.

So, onward.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2009-05-22 11:29:01 -
The only thing is, the 39 MPG technology does exist - the Honda Civic Hybrid that I drive does that well already. Can it be adopted industry-wide while maintaining the other things consumers have become used to (size, space, gee-whiz electronics)? That's where this will fall flat - forget the gas mileage, if junior doesn't have his DVD player in the backseat, it's no good.


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