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We're All Going To The Zoo Tomorrow

2009-06-03 - 11:21 a.m.

We had some thunder and lightning last night. No rain, but a LOT of rumbling and a few lightning flashes for about 20 minutes. Then the storm rolled past and all was quiet again.

There was no real reaction from the cats. Solange laid on the window perch and Laila was in the computer chair...and there they stayed for (I think) all of the storm.


Swung by the ex's house and picked up that safety recall notice. Yep - it was for the repair that I had talked about here.

Nothing to worry about, then.


Got a letter the other day from a mortgage company. According to the letter, they promised to stop my foreclosure and help me save my home and belongings...

...which is nice, except for the fact that I live in an apartment...

...the address of which - including the phrase "Apt. #8" - is on the letter.


Laurie David - remember her, she went on tour with Sheryl Crow for the one-sheet tour? - got tagged for building on her property and damaging the local wetlands without a permit.

She's blaming this on the contractor. Problem is, this isn't her first offense for such a thing.

Oh, and she's the person who produced the film An Inconvenient IMHO that makes her as big a hypocrite as His Goreness.


In other celebrity hypocrisy, Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders is a huge animal rights activist.

Then why are the Pretenders performing a concert at the Minnesota Zoo?

Probably so they could charge $68 per ticket, that's why.


Well, due to some interesting scheduling conflicts, I have the day off today. So, anyone who wants me to work:

Be seeing you.


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