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It's A Crying Shame

2009-06-04 - 11:28 a.m.

Going in to work today. There was a bizarre scheduling conflict that required me to work on Thursday, which is something I seldom do.

The coming of the new band gig will also change my schedule radically. Since I won't be able to work Saturday nights anymore, I'll start working some Friday nights.

If they are willing to work with my schedule, I should be willing to adapt to make things easier for them, right?


It's all over the blogosphere - actor David Carradine was found dead in Bangkok. He apparently committed suicide.

I was too young to remember Kung Fu, but I did enjoy Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and of course the Kill Bill movies. His career had stagnated somewhat; Kill Bill put him back in the spotlight.

If it is a suicide, it's a shame. I think he still had some good times ahead.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to vote in favor of Judge Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation...despite the fact that he hasn't read any of her judicial opinions:

I understand that during her career, she's written hundreds and hundreds of opinions. I haven't read a single one of them, and if I'm fortunate before we end this, I won't have to read one of them.

So why vote for her? Because she's Latina? Or a woman? Or a Democrat?

Why even bother with the confirmation process?


Right now, the Angels are leading the Toronto Blue Jays 5-1 after six innings.

The Angels have been struggling this year. The offense hasn't been what it's been in recent years. There have been some nagging injuries and some bad bad slumps.

Well, after some excellent years you have to expect some off times.


I have some things to do before work today.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

art - 2009-06-04 22:33:00 -
david carradine~~ oh noes!! what a dirty rotten shame!


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