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It Hit Me Like A Hammer

2009-06-05 - 2:10 p.m.

Okay, here I am.


For the first time last night, I worked a grad night in its entirety. I was there from 9pm to about 5:30am.

I had tried to grab a nap yesterday afternoon, but I only got a couple hours sleep. I really didn't know if I was going to make it through. But I did.

I could have saved myself a little bit of hassle and gotten a little more sleep if I'd known the group wasn't scheduled to be there until 11pm. But it all worked out.


I did a bunch of prep for the grad nights - mostly setting all the non-ticket games to free play. We also set up a brand new DJ-style game.

Then we sat to wait for 11pm...which came and went.

The buses arrived at 11:25pm. It was a small group from Pasadena, about 100 people all told (graduates and chaperons).

The only extra that the group had set up was a henna tattooist. Her gear was set up by the golf counter, which meant I was surrounded by teenage boys and girls in various stages of skin exposure while they waited for the tattoos to dry. There were a couple boys who had their shirts off for most of the night, showing off the multiple examples of their ink. Several of the girls walked around with bare midriffs, holding their shirts away from belly tats and "tramp stamps".

I handed out golf equipment and directed people to the restroom for a good part of the night. The GM was also there, and we chatted about this and that throughout the evening.

Food was made - too much, as it turned out. I had a half-sandwich and a couple small slices of "works" pizza, along with a dollop of potato salad.

At 3:30am, the GM decided that the group had pretty much finished eating - some had crashed in the booths, some were dozing upstairs on benches. So he emptied all the trashes. At 4, I went out and collected the garbage from the butt pots on the golf course.

At 4:45, we turned off all the video games. Several of the kids and a couple of the chaperons sought me out and thanked us for having them...which I thought was very nice of the kids. They got on their buses and left.

I reset the games from free play and left about 5:30am...right as the maintenance guys were coming in to start their Friday morning shift.

I went to Denny's and got some breakfast (and some not-too-hot service), and then headed home. I got online for a bit, and then the exhaustion hit me like a hammer.

Woke up about 5 1/2 hours later. I guess that's all the sleep I needed.


It was fun. I enjoyed it. There were a few stretches of boredom, but all in all it was good.

I'd do it again, if they needed me...especially since the grad nights pay time-and-a-half. Due to my time and experience, I'm in the upper tier of hourly pay - so it's worth it.


Oh, in case you're interested - here's the video for today's title.


Now, I have things to do now that I'm awake.

Be seeing you.


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art - 2009-06-06 14:51:01 -
happy saturday!!


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