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2009-06-09 - 12:27 p.m.

Rolled out of bed this morning to discover I had a mess to clean up.

I had a package of 24 bottles of Aquafina on the floor by the Klax game. Over time, it had winnowed down to where there were only a few bottles left.

Well, last night Laila decided to make one of those bottles her new toy. I found it lying on the carpet mostly empty, with the twist-cap seal intact. When I carried the bottle to the sink, I found the puncture holes where she had used her claws. So I spent some time this morning with towels, getting the water out of the carpet.

Hey, at least it's only water. And it's my fault for leaving the water where she could get at it.


In work news, we'll be going to summer hours sometime next week.

Since we changed our winter hours to close at 10pm, our summer hours will go back to our former winter hours. So we'll be closing at 11pm, instead of 11:30pm as we did in previous years.

It may not seem like much, but when we closed at 11:30 it was tough for me to get to the grocery store by midnight (which was when THEY closed). So closing at 11pm lets me get to the store in plenty of time.

That way, I can get more bottled water.


So a worker in the UK realizes he's fifteen minutes into overtime and, rather than finish the job he was on, he clocks out and goes home.

No big deal, usually. But this was an ambulance driver in the middle of taking a patient to the hospital.

The patient, who'd suffered a stroke, didn't make it.


Speaking of health, Democrats are contemplating more "lifestyle taxes" to pay for the huge healthcare plan, specifically targeting "soda and other naturally sweetened drinks".

Okay...let's see. Tax soda and other "unhealthy" products like alcohol and tobacco are, to help people be healthier. If it reduces sales of such products, then it brings in LESS tax the taxes will have to go up, to increase revenue. If it doesn't, then the health care costs will go they will have to raise the taxes to bring in more revenue.

And it's STILL a tax increase on the poor, because they DO drink sodas and alcohol and smoke. I thought the Obama administration wasn't going to raise taxes AT ALL for the poor and middle-class.


Okay, I have things to do before work.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

art - 2009-06-09 21:38:41 -
seems like laila prefers bottled water over tap water!!! :-)


Wyndspirit - 2009-06-09 22:42:04 -
Time for a claw clipping???


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