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2009-06-10 - 12:08 p.m.

Went to bed early. Woke up very early.

Watched the cats wrestle. Went back to bed...and finally back to sleep.

Woke up again when phone rang. Made some phone calls for work. Then started doing rounds and writing this post.

Such was my morning.


Today is the second grad night of the year at work. This is the big group - the one that comes every year.

They do a lot of decorating, so we'll be closing very early. I'm only going to be doing the prep tonight, which mostly consists of moving things and showing them where the working electrical outlets are.

Cake and pie.


Mona Charen talks here about President Obama's health-care plans.

Because we all know how well the government runs Medicare (scheduled to go bankrupt in 2019), Medicaid, Social Security, the DMV, the post office...


And speaking of health, the California Assembly has passed a bill about daycare nutrition in an effort to halt child obesity.

Interesting note about this article - the lunches that were the least nutritious were the ones that had been sent from home.


Kim Jong-il is once again planning to launch new missiles.

And that means the UN will have to do something.

In other words - nothing.


Today's quote:

"When the authorities warn you of the dangers of having sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities." -Matt Groening

Right - because you always get screwed by the authorities.


Okay. I have a couple things to do before I go to work.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

art - 2009-06-10 22:06:21 -
so, who won the cat wrestling? solange or laila?


Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-06-11 00:30:53 -
It was a dead heat, even though both of their heats are dead.


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