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Where The Streets Have No Name

2009-06-16 - 11:32 a.m.

Tonight is the last grad night for this year. Tomorrow the summer hours start.

The "three months of chaos" is about to begin.


Yesterday's newspaper called for rain today, with thunder and lightning. says it'll just be mostly cloudy and cool, with no storms predicted in the next ten days. The highest temperature THEY are predicting is 84 - and that's not till next Wednesday.

I think I'll carry the micro-umbrella, just in case.


There's been a lot of construction in my neighborhood.

Due to the construction of new housing just north of me, one of the streets has been torn up so new sewage lines (I think) could be installed. It's been so bad, they've torn up sections of sidewalk and uprooted street signs (hence today's title).

Well, the road construction reached my area about a month ago. At the end of May, they closed the section of the street that I actually drive on to get to work. There's another access road available to me; it just takes a bit longer due to three more traffic lights.

The street is due to re-open this Friday. We'll see - you know how construction can sometimes take awhile.

Also, this is the road that I drive to get to the bar. Again, there are other routes available - they just take a bit longer.


Last year, there was a softball game held at the school that's behind me. It was a LOUD game and it gave me a raging headache.

They're doing the game right now. THIS time, I've had enough sleep and they aren't as loud.


Fifty years ago today, Superman died and the world lost someone who has constantly been called a nice man.

It's always a shame when we lose a Good Guy.


Okay, onward.

Be seeing you.


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art - 2009-06-17 13:20:54 -
ive read the book, hollywood kryptonite, so I Know.


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