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2009-06-22 - 1:07 p.m.

Okay. Let's spool backwards to Friday.

I took Laila in for her check-up with Dr. Sahai. He took some new x-rays and told me that he is "pleasantly surprised" with her progress. His only concern is how much weight she's gaining. I'm starting to restrict her wet food intake and, if the weight gain continues, I'll restrict the dry food intake as well.

The pin hasn't moved so much as a millimeter. Since the bone has healed, there's no more need for the pin, so Dr. Sahai is recommending that, at some point, it be removed. This is nothing like the surgery where the pin was installed. It would be two small incisions to remove the pin and the wire that held the leg together, but she'd be back in a splint for a couple weeks.

Since Laila is in no pain or discomfort, there's no sense of urgency - in fact, the pin probably could stay in there for the rest of her life. At some point I will likely have it pulled.

For now I'd like her to continue to get her strength back. And she is - she's climbing on top of the "secretary" and wrestling more with Solange.


Also on Friday, a friend of Brin's posted the racial epithet "fucking wetback" in his blog. Since many people she knows are of Mexican descent - her husband and myself included - she has decided to distance herself from this person.

Now, anyone who reads this blog knows that I'm no fan of illegal immigration. I think it's a slap in the face to the people who do things correctly and go through channels. I believe that we are spending far too much money on welfare and other benefits on folks who are here illegally. And I think it's an insult that people who are here illegally - and who supposedly came here for a better life - then start waving the flag of their original country, instead of assimilating.

If this were not the United States, such practices wouldn't be going on.

Now...note that my entire rant is directed at illegal immigrants. This is not about race; this is about the law of the land. Not all Mexicans are here illegally. Not all Mexicans are gang members. Hell, I live in a barrio. All my neighbors are good people who wave back when I lift my hand in greeting - even the guys that I think are gang members. The only problem I would have with them is if they break the law.

Also notice that I expressed my opinion without using the term "fucking wetback".

I appreciate your standing up for me and mine, Brin. Thankya, dear.


Also also on Friday, I learned that Dave Kern, our bass player, is taking a leave of absence from the band for health reasons.

He'll come back in emergencies, but he needs to take care of himself for a bit.

We wish him all the best.


Saturday I only got about five hours of sleep, but I muddled through my day.

This was the first weekend with the summer hours, but business was pretty quiet. There would be bursts of activity and then bursts of quiet.

I think this'll change once word gets out that we're open later.


Then came Sunday. I defrosted two chicken breasts over the last 36 hours or so (I just moved the zip-lock bag from the freezer to the fridge) and did Shake N Bake again.

While I do enjoy the S&B and the other recipes that use boneless skinless chicken breasts (BSCB), the cost of the chicken is getting a little prohibitive. However, the butcher section has BSCB for literally 30-45% less than the packaged ones.

So my plan would be to go there on my day off and buy about 5-6 lbs worth. I can then put each BSCB in a separate zip-lock freezer bag and defrost as needed. I'd have to do a little extra work and trim off some fat from the meat, but it would be worth it to get the good price. It would also take a little more planning because of the defrosting time.

So the next experiment will be using the microwave to defrost the frozen chicken. I've never done this, so we'll see how it works out. When I was married, we'd put the chicken in a sink of water in the morning and it would be defrosted in time for dinner. I could do that if I could be sure the cats wouldn't get into it.

If they got sick from eating raw chicken, I'd never forgive myself.


Also on Sunday, I took my life in my hands and trimmed the claws of both kittehs.

Solange was okay, but Laila didn't like it at all. It was her first trimming, so I'm not surprised. But I managed to get away without a scratch.

It may get easier as time goes on.


And now, some news commentary.

The FDA has determined that Cheerios is a drug because it's proven - proven, mind you - to lower cholesterol.

So all you parents who give your kids Cheerios for breakfast or snacks - you're now classified as drug pushers. Better turn yourselves in.


On Saturday, a New York Times/CBS poll said that "most Americans would be willing to pay higher taxes so everyone could have health insurance and that they said the government could do a better job of holding down health-care costs than the private sector".

Of course they would say that...because the question was asked of a group of largely supporters of Barack Obama.

That's like polling a group made up of mostly politicians and asking if they want a raise.


And now it's Monday. Temperatures are starting to go up.

I need to get on with my day.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-06-23 01:19:52 -
You are welcome, my friend. And of COURSE it's warming up; I'm planning to head back to Anaheim. :-P


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