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2009-06-29 - 10:05 a.m.

Oh, what a weekend. So much going on.


Saturday night, the Bob Chance Band started a new series of gigs at The Other Place, also known as The Bar Formerly Known As Cero's.

Yes, we are playing at the same place, now known as The Other Place. You can't make this stuff up.

Anyway, to say that we were warmly welcomed is like saying Bill Gates has done pretty well for himself. I had customers shaking my hand and hugging me before I could even get the drums out of the car. Bob himself got applauded when he came in.

Then we started playing. Calvin Greer, our new bass player, picked up on what we were going very quickly. We did have a few missteps and bad notes - hell, we've been on a six-month hiatus - but for the most part it was like we'd never been away.

We got responses that were pretty overwhelming to songs we'd been singing for years. Probably the biggest was our version of Chris Isaak's Wicked Games. The applause started once they heard the twangy opening riffs, and the ovation afterward...well, I was blown away.

I paid for it the next day with some muscle soreness. But even that was okay. It's good to be playing again.

"Here I am, up on the stage..."


Also on Sunday I learned of the death of Billy Mays. Mark Evanier writes that, "...[s]o far today, St. Peter's bought a Zorbeez, a dozen Handy Switches, some Mighty Putty, the Big City Slider Station and a case of OxiClean".

Hollywood lost a lot of people this week. As commenter John5 said in my last entry, I had neglected to add David Carradine to the list of the lost. There were also some band vocalists (whose names I didn't recognize) that had passed away.

But damn...this has not been a good week for show biz.

UPDATE: Now I get word that impressionist Fred Travalena has passed away, from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

ENOUGH, already! No more celebrity deaths for the rest of the year!


And then, there's Perez Hilton. Most of THAT flap has already been aired. Andrew Breitbart comments here.

My question: if Hilton is so big on "not h8in" gays, then why did he call the worst gay slur that Hilton could think of? Isn't that the teensiest bit...hypocritical?


Also, the temperatures have jumped here. It's been getting into the mid-90s.

Which can only mean one thing - Brin's coming for a visit.

I need to get to the airport.


It's a new week. Turn the page.

Be seeing you.


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