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2009-07-01 - 11:53 a.m.

Yesterday was one of those "it happens to other people" days.

Brin and I wound up going to Ruby's for lunch instead of HomeTown (we'll get there eventually). I tried to pay, and my card was declined.

A twenty-minute call to the bank gave me some bad news. Someone had charged something on my account. The bank's fraud division caught it right away, and they had put a block on my card until they'd had a chance to talk to me. Maybe the charge occurred in New York, or Mexico, or Elbownia. Anyway, they recognized that this purchase was made by someone other than me.

It was decided that, for safety's sake, my ATM debit card should be canceled. I'll be getting a new one in "5-7 business days". So I have no ATM card until sometime late next week...which means the only way I can remove money from my account is to physically go to the bank and get in line.

The other option is to transfer funds to the secured credit card and use that for purchases, and that's my most likely option.

This is a pretty good-sized inconvenience, but if there's one bright spot, it's this: they didn't clean me out. The only charge they got away with amounted to about seventy dollars...and I'm filing a claim to get it back.


Then came work.

We were scheduled to have three employees (other than me) work last night. Shortly before they were to arrive at 5pm, two of them called in sick.

Walter talked one of the day employees into working a second shift (and therefore picking up Massive Overtime) and one of the not-well employees came in anyway. So we did have our full complement of people.

Later on, I had to take down two automatic air-freshener sprayer units from their places on the bathroom walls and replace them with new ones. In order to pry them off the wall (because the double-sided adhesive tape was working REAL good), I had to work a screwdriver between the unit and the tile wall.

The screwdriver slipped and punctured my hand. You'd think I would have learned from last time.

Then later on I scratched my thumb real good while disassembling a token machine to clear out some jammed tokens.

So the world wasn't content with taking my money. It also wanted my blood.


We're going to try to get some food before I head off to work.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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