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2009-07-06 - 11:42 a.m.

Welcome back.

Did everyone have a safe Fourth of July? Everyone back with all of their parts intact?



Work was very quiet on Saturday AND Sunday.

I scheduled employees like it was going to be swamped. I was wrong - we wound up sending several home early.

I'd rather over-schedule and send people home than under-schedule and not be able to call people in.


Now, the Brin Visit news.

Friday we didn't make it to the Park. Saturday we didn't make it to the Park.

Sunday we finally did, and just in time to catch the new fireworks spectacular...which was shorter and IMHO less explosive than the "Dreams Come True" display they've been running to help promote the "Year Of A Million Dreams", now in its third year.

It was still a good show with a patriotic theme and very appropriate music.


Brin gasped in amazement when she saw what had been done to The Bar Formerly Known As Cero's, and shook her head in amazement when she saw what we all needed to do to fit behind the weensy piano bar.

I tell ya, we're going to need to buy stock in Astroglide pretty soon.


Now some baseball news.

Firstly, the Angels - in two separate games against the Orioles - came from behind to win games on Saturday and Sunday. Vlad Guerrero slammed a three-run homer Saturday night to help the Angels go from a 4-0 deficit to an 11-4 win.

On the Dodgers side, Manny Ramirez has served his fifty-game suspension and is now back with his team. In a Register newspaper article, when referring to his getting back into the swing of things Ramirez was quoted thusly (emphasis mine):

"It might take a little time but I will catch up. I'm one of the best players who ever put on a uniform. It will be OK. Bring it on."

Well, in Saturday night's game Ramirez yelled at an umpire who had the nerve - the sheer gall - to call Ramirez out at first. And this was a throw-off-the-batting-helmet-and-need-to-be-held-back tantrum.

Real class act there, Ego Boy.

Oh, and here's the video to today's title.


We're going to try to do HomeTown Buffet again today. Let's hope they aren't wall-to-wall like they were last Tuesday.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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