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2009-07-13 - 12:39 p.m.

As Brin wrote here, we went to the Park Friday night. Everything was fine until she discovered she had lost her camera. On the off-chance she had simply forgotten it, we came home early.

No such luck. It was gone.

So I went to work the next day, and Brin contacted the Lost and Found as soon as they opened. Wonder of wonders, someone did turn it in. So as soon as I got off work, I headed to the Park and picked it up...then made it home just in time to catch a small nap before playing the gig.

Then came Sunday. It was Brin's travel day, so she packed while I was at work. We had pre-ordered Papa John's pizza for our traditional farewell lunch, and it arrived shortly after I got home. We ate and then got to the airport.

After I had safely dropped Brin off at the airport, I headed to the Game Group meeting. My energy ran out about ten minutes after I arrived, and I knew my higher brain functions weren't going to work.

However, the airport WAS near Ikea, so I headed out and bought some more kitteh food dishes. Then I went home and performed my other traditional Brin-travel-day chore - laundry.



Early in Brin's visit, I noticed that the carpet in the kitchen was always damp. I did a check under the sink and found something was leaking. I set the bucket underneath and planned on getting it fixed after Brin left.

A couple days later, the carpet was damp again.

I did some further inspection and found a crack at the top of the disposal, complete with a pinhole with water shooting out. The water hit the side of the cabinet and down to the floor - it never made it to the bucket.

I tied a plastic bag around the disposal and cut a hole in the bottom so the leak got directed to the bucket. I then made an appointment with the maintenance guy to come this morning.

At 9am, I woke up and called Ray. At 10am, Ray showed up, took out the old disposal...and left.

So I sat waiting for him to return. I had to stay in the living room and keep an eye on the cats. I couldn't call him, because he had left his cell phone here.

He got back at about 11 with the new disposal. He had had to take the dead one to Home Depot to match it up and make sure he had all the adapters and such...which is cool, but I just wish he'd told me that BEFORE he left.

Anyway, the new disposal was installed and tested in less than twenty minutes. I'm happy now.

Oh, and he forgot his cell phone when he left. I had to chase him down and get it to him.


The heat has spiked. It's gotten to the low 90s, and the kittehs are staying near the fans and the water. I'm checking the reservoir in the water bowl every day and topping it off.

There's seven more weeks of the summer season at work...which I must now get ready for. Work, that is.

Be seeing you.


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