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2009-08-10 - 12:11 p.m.

Pretty good weekend. The band gig continues to be solid and tips are good.

Supposedly they will expand the kitchen to a full-on restaurant when they buy out the place next door. That's supposed to be in a couple months. I just hope they expand the stage while they're at it.

I also hope they don't close the place again.


I had to go to the bank last week to make a deposit at the ATM. When I got there, I found that Wells Fargo has changed their ATMs to a non-envelope format. Now, instead of putting your items in an envelope and writing how much is in there on the outside, you insert the items directly into the deposit slot. They are scanned and an image appears on the screen where you can verify the amount on the check.

I don't like this, purely from a security standpoint. A picture of the check you just deposited, on the screen (and on your receipt, if you choose that option). What's to stop somebody directly behind you from taking a pic with a cell phone? The tech is getting better all the time. The resolution may wind up being good enough to get info from the check.

Also, if you have cash to deposit, you have to insert the bills one at a time so they can be scanned and confirmed. If there's a lot of bills, that will take time. [UPDATE: The ATM can take up to fifty bills or thirty checks at one time; the items are scanned and a total for you to confirm comes up on the screen.] And again, if someone sees you have a lot of cash and decides to take it from you...well, I would just feel better about putting my cash deposits in an envelope. But now, that option has been taken away - the envelope reservoir has been emptied, so if you happen to have a large amount of cash you're better off going into the bank and dealing with a teller...which isn't always convenient.

I think this is a bad idea. And the next time I have to deposit cash, I will tell the bank manager how I feel.

Hopefully, unlike Nancy Pelosi et al, he will be willing to listen to a dissenting view.


Speaking of Pelosi, she has stated in an op ed piece that protesters against the health care bill are "un-American", and that such attacks "can't derail health care debate".

She actually said the following:

"Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American."

Tell that to Kenneth Gladney.

Again, during the Bush administration Democrats were saying dissent was "patriotic". Now, not so much.

Between the White House wanting you to report on anyone who disseminates "fishy" information and Pelosi saying that protesting is "un-American", maybe they should start a Congressional committee that will combine both sections.

What would they call it? I know - the "House Un-American Activities Committee".

Why not? It worked before, didn't it?


I have to get to the post office today.

Be seeing you.


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Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-08-10 23:23:06 -
From John, sitting here next to me: First they cut back the tellers and want us to use the ATMs. Then they make the ATMs almost too unsafe to use. I guess we're going to have to wait until somebody gets beaten up or killed while making a cash deposit for the reality of how stupid this is to actually sink in to the thick skulls who thought this up.


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