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Money Song

2009-08-25 - 12:49 p.m.

Well, it looks like today's post will be all about money.

First item - I got paid today.



There's a new "Cash For Clunkers" program coming up, and you don't even need a "clunker" to qualify.

Considering that the automotive version (which ended yesterday) still hasn't paid most of the monies promised (with no deadline to do so, by the way), will this one be any better?

Oh, and the government expects the bulk of the $300 million allocated to this program "to be awarded by the end of November". It took about two weeks to go through the $1 billion allocated to the automotive CFC.


Less than a third of Democrat senators have held town hall meetings during this break.

A quote:

According to Jennifer Duffy, a senior political editor at Cook’s Political Report, many senators do not see an upside to exposing themselves to the wide-spread town hall backlash.

Still, "while Senate Democrats might benefit in the short term from staying away from contentious meetings and angry voters, there is some potential for that strategy to have negative consequences in the long term if their constituents perceive their absence from the debate as indifference to their concerns," Duffy said.

People are angry. People are afraid. And if they think that the people who are supposed to represent them don't want to hear what they have to's gonna get nastier.

And Nancy Pelosi's statement that the protesters are "un-American", the other statements calling them "Nazis" and "brownshirts" and accusations of "astroturfing"...that's only gonna make it worse for the Democrats.


Hey, here's a non-money item.

PC rolls on - a lot of "taxpayer-funded" organizations in Europe are being told not to use some everyday phrases because they might offend someone.

Phrases like "black day". Or "gentleman's agreement". Or "right-hand man".

Good grief. Oh wait - that might be offensive to children with round heads.


Okay. I'm going to go try to get a ticket to tomorrow's baseball game and have lunch before I hit work.

Be seeing you.


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