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2009-09-09 - 8:48 a.m.

I did a shift change for today. I'm going in early to take care of a problem and then going in much later in the evening.

So, a split shift.


So, in anticipation of the split shift, I went to bed early.

And woke up. Early. Like, 6:30am when I had a 9am wake-up call.

So I read the paper until I got drowsy. And went back to bed. And couldn't sleep.

Got on the computer until I was drowsy. And went back to bed. And couldn't sleep.

Are we detecting a pattern, here?

So I suspect I'll be tired and grumpy this morning while I'm at work dealing with what I need to deal with.

Oh joy.


Thomas Sowell talks here about President Obama's planned speech for tonight.

Here's something interesting that I didn't know. The President's health care plan - the one that's so wonderful (but that government employees are exempt from) and is so urgent that it MUST be enacted immediately, without being read - doesn't take effect until 2013.

As in, AFTER the next presidential election.

Sowell asks:

If this is such an urgently needed program, why wait for years to put it into effect? And if the public is going to benefit from this, why not let them experience those benefits before the next Presidential election?

If it is not urgent that the legislation goes into effect immediately, then why don't we have time to go through the normal process of holding Congressional hearings on the pros and cons, accompanied by public discussions of its innumerable provisions? What sense does it make to "hurry up and wait" on something that is literally a matter of life and death?

Good questions. Anyone? Anyone?



In baseball news, the Angels pulled one out last night by winning 2-1 in the 10th inning. The Rangers had won both games of a double-header, but the Angels' lead is still 4 1/2 games.

As of this writing, some teams are already mathematically eliminated from post-season play. The "magic number" for the Angels is currently 21 - any combination of Angels wins and Rangers losses that add up to 21 will clinch the division for the Angels.

But there are seven Angels/Rangers games in the last couple weeks of the season. It's gonna come down to the wire.


Well, I need to hit the shower and get going.

Maybe I can come home for a nap. We'll see.

Be seeing you.


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