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2009-09-10 - 2:39 p.m.

So during the first three hours of my split shift yesterday, I figured out (mostly) what the problem was with the bowling games. I had it down to one component - something had fried.

Then, in the second part, I did some more plugging-and-unplugging and I was able to isolate it to that component and that component only.

I'm ordered a new one, shipped overnight. Hopefully it'll get here by Friday night. Otherwise, instead of having four working bowling lanes, we'll have two working lanes and a very large paperweight.


Got a call early this morning from my landlords.

They've been doing this the last couple months, calling to remind me to mail my rent check. Never mind that the rent has never been late. Not a big deal - the economy is hard on all of us, including them. They want their money, and I have no problem giving it to them.

I also told them about Laila. I wanted to wait until I was sure I would be keeping her before I told them. I've been open about things with them, and I knew it would be best if I told them rather than have them find out another way. I could imagine that conversation: "You have two cats when we told you only one? Get out!"

So I told them the whole story - the broken leg, the cast, all of it.

They appreciated my being up-front and honest, and gave their blessing for two cats...and the cherry on the whipped cream is, they didn't ask for an increase in the security deposit.

I have good landlords.

(Speaking of Laila, the vet bill is getting close to being paid off entirely - mostly due to contributions from the readers, for which we are eternally grateful. Sadly, we're still asking. If you'd like to contribute, please click the donation button to the left. We say thankya.)


So Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama's by calling him a liar, specifically on the portion that says illegal immigrants will not be covered. Wilson has apologized, and Obama has accepted.

True enough, there is a provision in this bill that specifically denies coverage to illegal immigrants. However, there's also a portion that says that proof of citizenship cannot be asked for. So what's to keep illegal immigrants from applying for and receiving benefits?

And of course, if illegal immigrants are not to be covered, why are they considered as part of the "47 million" uninsured that this bill is supposed to give coverage to?

Will they be given amnesty in a subsequent bill? That would solve the problem, after all.

Oh, and it's not like the Democrats have been paragons of politeness.


To counter, we present - State Fair industrial strength eye bleach not always needed.


It's the 10th, which means rent day and and flea drop day.

It's also Thursday, which means laundry. And the Angels play tonight.

So onward into the day.

Be seeing you.


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